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Carbide Ball and Its Application

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Company News
Carbide Ball and Its Application
Latest company news about Carbide Ball and Its Application

1. Introduction
Tungsten carbide valve ball or carbide ball valve is evolved from the traditional plug valve. Its opening and closing part is a sphere, and the purpose of opening and closing is realized by the sphere around the axis of the valve stem.
High-precision tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide balls are widely used in oil drilling and deep sea drilling oil pump valve balls and ball seats, which are also one of the most critical components in oil well pumps. Due to the harsh working environment and conditions in the oil drilling industry, there are usually some highly corrosive substances such as water, various gases, wax, sand, etc. in sand-bearing wells, heavy oil wells, and high-pressure oil-repellent wells. To extract oil from hundreds or even thousands of meters of formation, it requires the valve ball and seat to have good sealing performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance (after the valve ball and valve seat are matched, vacuumize to an absolute pressure of 0.36kgN /cm below, the absolute pressure value does not change within 10s).

2. Advantages
The main advantages of carbide ball valves can be divided into the following aspects:
1. It has the lowest flow resistance in theory (flow resistance refers to the ratio of the pressure difference on both sides of the sound-absorbing material sample to the linear velocity of the air flow passing through the sample under a steady airflow state);
2. Excellent chemical stability and wear and corrosion resistance, can be in contact with most liquids and some corrosive media;
3. In the environment of high temperature and high pressure, it can still achieve complete sealing (nominal pressure from vacuum to 42MPa);
4. Since the tungsten carbide ball valve uses the ball as the opening and closing part, it is less affected by friction, and can realize rapid opening and closing (can be controlled within 0.05-0.1s), and the impact of the operation is small. In addition, the spherical closing The parts can withstand high pressure difference when closing, and can also realize automatic positioning;
5. It has two-way sealing, which makes the work more stable and reliable.

3. Application
Applicable occasions for several common carbide ball valves:
1. It is suitable for pipeline systems with two-position adjustment, high requirements for sealing performance, rapid opening and closing (1/4 turn opening and closing), large pressure difference, small operating torque, small flow resistance, and cavitation or vaporization. Use carbide ball valve;
2. In pipelines with certain corrosive media;
3. In low-temperature cryogenic devices or high-temperature and high-pressure piping systems;
4. Full-bore welded carbide ball valves can be used in oil pipelines and gas pipelines that need to be buried underground;
5. The specially designed V-shaped opening structure carbide ball valve can also have a certain adjustment function.
In addition, the application range of cemented carbide balls is very wide, such as: balls, navigation systems, stamping and stretching of precision parts, precision bearings, instruments, meters, pen making, spraying machines, water pumps, mechanical parts, sealing valves, brake pumps , punching, oil field, hydrochloric acid laboratory, hardness measuring instrument, high-quality fishing gear, counterweight, finishing and other industries!

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