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Centrifugal Casting

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China Eternal Bliss Alloy Casting & Forging Co.,LTD. certification
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Centrifugal Casting
Latest company news about Centrifugal Casting


Centrifugal casting (centrifugal casting) refers to [1] a casting method in which liquid metal is poured into a rotating mold, filled and solidified into a casting under the action of centrifugal force. The machine used for centrifugal casting is called a centrifugal casting machine.


According to the direction of the rotation axis of the mold, the centrifugal casting machine is divided into a horizontal vertical type and an inclined type.

Horizontal centrifugal casting machine is mainly used for pouring various tubular castings;

The vertical centrifugal casting machine is mainly used to produce various ring castings and smaller non-circular castings.


The characteristics of centrifugal casting are that the molten metal fills and solidifies under the action of centrifugal force, the metal feeding effect is good, the casting structure is dense, and the mechanical properties are good; casting hollow castings does not need pouring risers, and the metal utilization rate can be greatly improved. Therefore, for some specific shapes of castings, centrifugal casting is a material-saving, energy-saving and high-efficiency process, but special attention must be paid to effective safety measures.


1) Castings have high density, few defects such as pores and slag inclusions, and high mechanical properties;

2) Cores can not be used in the production of hollow castings, so the metal filling ability can be greatly improved when producing long tubular castings, the ratio of the wall thickness of the castings to the length or diameter can be reduced, and the production process of sleeves and pipe castings can be simplified ;

3) There is almost no metal consumption in the gating system and riser system, which improves the process yield;

4) It is convenient to manufacture barrel and sleeve composite metal castings, such as steel backed copper sleeves, bimetallic rolls, etc.; when forming castings, centrifugal force can be used to increase the metal filling capacity, so thin-walled castings can be produced.


1) Castings are prone to segregation of specific gravity, so they are not suitable for alloys that are prone to segregation of specific gravity (such as lead bronze), especially not suitable for casting impurities

Alloys whose specificity is heavier than that of molten metal, but in recent years, there have also been cases of using this feature of centrifugal casting to produce gradient composite materials;

2) The diameter of the inner hole of the casting is inaccurate, the surface of the inner hole is relatively rough, the quality is poor, and the machining allowance is large;

3) There are certain limitations when used in the production of special-shaped castings.

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