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Classification and Application of Molybdenum

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Company News
Classification and Application of Molybdenum
Latest company news about Classification and Application of Molybdenum

Molybdenum is a silver-white metal that is hard and tough, has a high melting point, and has a relatively high thermal conductivity. It does not undergo oxidation reaction with air at room temperature. As a transition element, it is easy to change its oxidation state, and the color of molybdenum ion will also change with the change of oxidation state. Molybdenum is an essential trace element for the human body, animals and plants, and plays an important role in the growth, development, and heredity of humans, animals and plants.

Because molybdenum has the advantages of high strength, high melting point, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, it is widely used in steel, petroleum, chemical, electrical and electronic technology, medicine and agriculture.

Classification of molybdenum ore

Single molybdenum ore

The main useful component of the ore (the main useful component refers to the main component of the ore that has economic value and can be extracted and utilized separately under the current technical and economic conditions.) is molybdenum, my country's Liaoning Yangjiazhangzi Molybdenum Mine, Shaanxi Jindui City Molybdenum mine, Luanchuan molybdenum mine in Henan, Ruyang molybdenum mine and Climax mine in the United States are all single molybdenum ore. In my country, the reserves of a single molybdenum ore account for only about 14% of the country's total reserves.

Copper molybdenum ore

Molybdenite in the ore symbiosis with various copper sulfide minerals, such as my country's Dexing Copper Mine, Baoshan Copper Mine, Xiaosigou Copper Mine, Linjiang Copper Mine, as well as the Dispiritaka in Chile and Hyland Valley in Canada. Rock copper and molybdenum ore.

Tungsten Molybdenum Ore

Molybdenite and tungsten ore coexist in the ore. In our country, there are Guankeng Tungsten Mine, Wenshui Tungsten Mine, Dajishan Tungsten Mine, Xihuashan Tungsten Mine, etc. that coexist with wolframite; Luanchuan Molybdenum Mine, Shizhuyuan Tungsten and Molybdenum Mine, etc., which coexist with scheelite .

Carbonaceous Copper Molybdenum Ore

The ore contains organic carbon and carbonaceous shale. Molybdenite coexists with carbon-containing siliceous shale. This carbonaceous copper-molybdenum ore is black, dense, massive, and hard, with a carbon content of 2.94%, a density of 2.73g/m3, and the carbonaceous material exists in a dispersed state. Combine with minerals. Carbonaceous shale is composed of microcrystalline quartz, fine carbonaceous particles, a small amount of ferrite particles, and argillaceous chlorite. The carbon particle size is 0.0017 to 0.064.

Uses and application fields of molybdenum

Alloy field

Molybdenum has the largest consumption in the steel sector, mainly used to produce alloy steel (approximately 43% of the total consumption of molybdenum in steel), stainless steel (approximately 23%), tool steel and high-speed steel (approximately 8%), cast iron and Roll (about 6%). As an alloying element of steel, molybdenum has the following advantages: improve the strength and toughness of steel; improve the corrosion resistance of steel in acid-base solutions and liquid metals; improve the wear resistance of steel; improve the hardenability, weldability and resistance of steel Thermal.



Chemical industry

Lubricant: Molybdenum dioxide is a good solid lubricant because it has a very low friction coefficient and a high yield strength. It can be used normally under vacuum and various ultra-low temperature and high temperature, so it is widely used in gas turbines, gears, and Mould, aerospace, nuclear industry and other fields.

Catalyst: Molybdenum compound is one of the most versatile catalysts, which are widely used in the chemical, petroleum, plastic, textile and other industries

Electronic and electrical field

Molybdenum has good electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance, and its thermal expansion coefficient is similar to that of glass. It is widely used in the manufacture of spiral filament core wires, lead wires, hooks and other components. In addition, molybdenum wire is also an ideal electrode wire for wire-cut EDM machine tools. It can cut various steels and cemented carbides. Its electrical discharge machining is stable and can effectively improve the accuracy of the mold.

Medical field

Molybdenum is one of the essential trace elements for the human body and a component of many enzymes. Its main function in the body is to participate in the interaction between sulfur, iron and copper. The right amount of molybdenum can promote the development of the human body, enhance the storage of oxygen in the body, inhibit tumors, maintain the energy metabolism of the myocardium, and protect the myocardium.

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