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Copper Based Alloys

China Eternal Bliss Alloy Casting & Forging Co.,LTD. certification
China Eternal Bliss Alloy Casting & Forging Co.,LTD. certification
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Copper Based Alloys
Latest company news about Copper Based Alloys

Copper based alloys are a alloy consisting of a certain amount of other elements is added to copper. Copper alloy is an important branch of heavy non-ferrous metal materials because of its medium strength, easy processing, fatigue resistance, beautiful color, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Copper alloys are widely used in various sectors of industry. Their output is second only to that of steel and aluminium, which is the third largest category of alloys in metal materials.


Properties of Copper Based Alloys

(1) Excellent physical and chemical properties of pure copper have excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity, and copper alloys have good conductivity and thermal conductivity. The corrosion resistance of copper and copper alloys to atmosphere and water is very high. Copper is a diamagnetic substance.

(2) Good workability, good plasticity, easy cold and hot forming; Cast copper alloy has good casting performance.

(3) It has some special mechanical properties such as excellent antifriction and wear resistance (such as bronze and some brass), high elastic limit and fatigue limit (such as beryllium bronze).

(4) beautiful color.


Classification of Copper Based Alloys

Copper based alloys are classified according to alloy system.

Copper-based alloys can be divided into non-alloy copper and alloy copper. Non-alloy copper includes high-purity copper, tough copper, deoxidized copper, oxygen-free copper and so on. Traditionally, people call non-alloy copper as copper or pure copper, also called red copper, while other copper alloys belong to alloy copper. China and Russia divide the alloy copper into brass, bronze and white copper, and then divide the small alloy system into large categories.


Copper based alloys are classified according to their functions.

Copper-based alloys include conductive and conductive copper alloys (mainly non-alloyed copper and microalloyed copper), structural copper alloys (almost all copper alloys), corrosion-resistant copper alloys (mainly tin brass, aluminium brass, various non-white copper, aluminium bronze, titanium bronze, etc.) and wear-resistant copper alloys (mainly containing lead, tin, aluminium, manganese, etc.). Complex brass, aluminium bronze, etc.), free-cutting copper alloys (copper-lead, copper-tellurium, copper-antimony and other alloys), elastic copper alloys (mainly antimony bronze, aluminium bronze, beryllium bronze, titanium bronze, etc.) damping copper alloys (high manganese bronze alloy, etc.), artistic copper alloys (pure copper, simple single copper, tin bronze, aluminium bronze, white bronze, etc.) . Obviously, many copper alloys have multiple functions.


Copper based alloys are classified according to their forming methods.

Copper based alloys can be divided into cast copper alloys and deformed copper alloys according to their forming methods. In fact, many copper alloys can be used for casting as well as for deformation. Usually deformed copper alloys can be used for casting, but many cast copper alloys can not be forged, extruded, deep drawing and other deformation processing. Cast copper alloy and wrought copper alloy can be subdivided into casting copper, brass, bronze and cupric copper.


Application of Copper Based Alloys

EB ASTM B148 C95800 is mainly used in chemical industry, such as caustic soda and synthetic fiber.

EB ASTM B148 C95300 is mainly used in glass mould, punch head, buckle and so on.

EB ASTM B61 C92200 is mainly used in pressure vessel parts of castings such as valves, flanges and fittings, oil pumps, gears, bushings, bearings, Babbitt alloy liner bearings, temperature below 290 degrees Celsius and stress below 20MPa (3ksi).

EB ASTM B584 C979800 is mainly used in adjusting ring parts and in steam environment on Safety regulating valves.

EB ZCSn10Zn2110-2/GB1176-87 is mainly used in the military and maritime industry. Industrial bronze is used for heavy bearings requiring wear resistance; bronze for general high strength structure under harsh conditions; bolts, nuts and gears; heavy pressure bearings and sleeves for matching quenched steel; valves, expansion joints, special high-pressure pipeline accessories; plungers for pumps; elevator components; steam-die castings;

EB ASTM B62 C83600 is mainly used in low pressure valves, pipe fittings, gasoline and petroleum pipe fittings, fire fighting equipment fittings, pinion, small pump parts;



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