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H13 Die Steel

China Eternal Bliss Alloy Casting & Forging Co.,LTD. certification
China Eternal Bliss Alloy Casting & Forging Co.,LTD. certification
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Company News
H13 Die Steel
Latest company news about H13 Die Steel

一、 Introduction

H13 belongs to hot work die steel, which is formed by adding alloy elements on the basis of carbon steel.

二、Basic Information

1. Unified digital code T23353; brand 4Cr5MoSiV1.

2. The overall performance is good at medium temperature (~600°), the hardenability is high (it can be hardened in the air), the heat treatment deformation rate is low, and its performance and service life are higher than 3Cr2W8V.

3. It can be used for die forging hammer forging die, aluminum alloy die casting die, hot extrusion die, high speed precision forging die and forging press die, etc.

4. Mechanical properties: Hardness: annealing, 245~205HB, quenching, ≥50HRC

5. Delivery status: Brinell hardness HBW10/3000 (≤229))

三、 Main Features

H13 steel is the most widely used and most representative hot work die steel. Its main characteristics are:

(1) Has high hardenability and high toughness;

(2) Excellent thermal crack resistance, water cooling can be used in the work place;

(3) With moderate wear resistance, carburizing or nitriding can also be used to increase the surface hardness, but the thermal crack resistance should be slightly reduced;

(4) Because of its low carbon content, the secondary hardening ability during tempering is poor;

(5) It has the ability to resist softening at a higher temperature, but the hardness drops rapidly when the use temperature is higher than 540°C (1000°F) (that is, the able working temperature is 540°C);

(6) The deformation of heat treatment is small;

(7) Medium and high machinability;

(8) Medium resistance to decarburization.

What is more noticeable is that it can also be used to make important components in the aviation industry.

四、 Chemical Composition

C: 0.32-0.45

Si: 0.80-1.20

Mn: 0.20-0.50



Cr: 4.75-5.50

Mo: 1.10-1.75

V: 0.80-1.20

Ni: 030


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